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New Slogan For Burling By Club Treasurer

New Slogan For Burling By Club Treasurer

“In the next election, I think it should be Pete for PM.” This was the reaction of Gary Smith the treasurer of Tauranga Yacht and Power Boat Club after watching Team NZ Peter Burling and the former member of the club and brings home the America’s Cup.

He said, “I have watched him from Olympic sailing to this point. Winning the America’s Cup, this is the step he has taken.” Out of eight races, the team NZ won seven races and Oracle just one and created the final score of 7-1. It was ridiculous, and they made it look they were on a Yacht Charter Croatia at times!

Smith said the day was magical not only for the team New Zealand, Burling, but also for his fans. Smith had helped the young Burling in teaching the rules of sailing. But, now he says, I think Burling has ended up teaching me some rules and tricks of sailing,” saying this, he laughed profoundly.

When he was small and was learning the basics of sailing, he used to get nervous; I could see how he used to get nervous, use to shake his hands. But, soon he recollects himself and got full control on his nerves. This was the strongest point in his attitude.” He added.

Today, the whole New Zealand team showed the great spirit to win the America’s Cup; it is not an easy work to beat the team like the team United States to score like 7-1. But, the team did this. For the members of the club, Burling is our hero and we have great wishes for him.

Burling career is very high after winning the America’s Cup, but we want him to come into the club once and take the greeting from his fans as well as his old teachers. We are also arranging a welcome party for our champion in the club” Said Smith.

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