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The Transpac race of 2017 is the 49th edition of this biennial sailing race event. It comprises of covering 2225 miles that lie between Los Angeles and Honolulu, covered in a time period of four days, from July 3rd to 6th.

This year there are about 55 entrants taking part in the competitive sailing event. This race incorporates several challenges of changing and setting sails every day in differing weather and wind conditions. While the start is in freezing waters the end is in tropical weather that includes thunderstorms in the evenings.

As this race has been going on for decades now, those who have been associated with this event can appreciate the changes that have come by in the sailing experience due to the nature of boats used. The sailing and surfing as was in Santa Cruz in the late seventies comprised of bigger boats that were painstaking to maneuver. Only the surfers could enjoy the speed and the thrill of riding the waves or those who sailed smaller boats.

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Are you eager to see historic vessels that have been used back in the twenties and have been restored to their old glory?

Then you should not miss the historic vessels parade being planned to be part of the 25th anniversary regatta event of Glandore Classic Boat Regatta. This regatta will be hosted in July 2017 and will have several races as well as a parade of historic vessels as part of the club’s anniversary celebrations.

A sail trader, the only remaining specimen that has been restored, called Lien, would be gracing the waters which were originally made in 1926 after which it had been used as a trading vessel in the South Atlantic waters. There would be other classic boats restored and put up for this parade such as Big Momma, Spirit of Oysterhaven, Peggy Bawn, Celtic Mist and others, each vessel having a unique history of its own dating back decades. The Naomh Lua would be another interesting vessel that would be brought in for participation, having served as a lifeboat which had rescued about 120 passengers in the fifties and sailed the Shannon estuary region for thirty years.

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